Pothole Repair

Quality Pothole Repair In Greensboro, NC

Why You Should Have Potholes Repaired

It is the property owner’s responsibility to keep their parking lot safe!

1) PROTECTION: Property owners can be held responsible for injuries to vehicles and people caused by potholes.

2) SAVINGS: Potholes will only get bigger and the substrate will only get worse due to the additional water. If not fixed, the repair costs continue to rise.

Although potholes can develop in any weather, they seem to happen more frequently during the winter months after a period of snow or ice. They can show up quickly and often times seem to spread like an epidemic across an otherwise smooth parking lot or driveway. This is why it’s essential to repair the potholes as quickly as possible. The best product for pothole repair is cold mix asphalt that contains a polymer adhesive that allows for permanent repairs.

Asphalt cold patch can be applied in any temperature and under any weather condition. The material cures as it is exposed to air and hardens quickly. The ideal thickness of asphalt cold patches is approximately two inches. If potholes are deeper, they will be filled first with angular crushed gravel then patched with the cold mix asphalt. Contact us today for pothole repair and other asphalt maintenance services!

Four Steps To Pothole Repair


Cut Edges & Square Up

The asphalt around a pothole is usually cracked and ready to make the hole even bigger, so we remove the damaged pavement with an asphalt saw. Pothole patching lasts the longest when a square or rectangle is filled instead of a round or oval hole.


Clean Debris

Next, we thoroughly clean out the area. This will include any and all plant life. We remove any and all debris, including the chunks of asphalt that were just cut.


Repair Foundation

If the pothole is deep, we will restore the foundation. The hole will be filled with coarse gravel and tamped until it is only an inch or two deep. The patch must have a solid base to sit on.


Fill & Finish

Finally, we add the patch product in the prepared pothole. We use Aqua Phalt Cold Patch. It has superior adhesion to wet or dry, cold or hot surfaces. We stamp down before adding another layer. This will help ensure there are no air spaces that will cause problems later. Repeat if necessary. The last layer will slightly overfill.

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